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Criminal Defence for Impaired Driving in Kitchener

The law concerning impaired driving in Kitchener, over .08 and dangerous driving is very complicated. Impaired driving, also known as Driving Under the Influence (or DUI), is a criminal offence according to the Criminal Code of Canada.


If you believe that the charges against you will go away without any professional help, you have misunderstood the situation’s severity. The more promptly you act and contact Ritter Harvey Law, the better equipped you will be to tackle the charges against you. We can assist you in dealing with accusations of impaired driving in Kitchener.

Let Us Help You With Impaired Driving Charges in Ontario

Driving over .08 means that the vehicle driver has a blood-alcohol ratio of over 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. Though drinking and driving are not illegal by itself, the matter gets aggravated by the refusal to provide a breath sample or the resultant impaired driving, causing death or bodily harm to individuals on the road.


The consequences of non-compliance with driving rules vary, though an impaired driving charge is criminal. A conviction for a driving offence could:

Result in a jail sentence or a fine

Burden you with a criminal record

Prohibit you from driving/suspend your licence

Drastically increase your insurance rates

Impact your future work/travel choices

Before you take a plea, our lawyers will help you understand all the penalties, evidence and other nuances of the case and help you conceive a solution. Don’t wait and contact Ritter Harvey Law to get the guidance you need to deal with impaired driving charges.

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Need Help With a Driving Charge?

If an impaired driving charge is making your life difficult, we can provide the legal counsel you need.

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