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Experienced Theft Lawyers in Kitchener

Are you looking for a theft lawyer in Kitchener? Before you plead guilty to cases involving theft, fraud, or shoplifting, it is crucial to retain a lawyer who can work towards keeping the conviction off your criminal record. The criminal defence lawyers at Ritter Harvey Law’s have great experience defending theft, fraud, and other similar criminal offences in Ontario.

What Are Shoplifting and Fraud?

Shoplifting and petty theft are often the actions of those who otherwise have a clean record. It is a common case, mostly caused by poor judgement. Fraud, meanwhile, occurs if someone is tricked or misled into an act that causes them harm. This is most often related to transactions involving money, property, or services.

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Why Is Professional Help With Theft Offences in Ontario Necessary?

Civil lawsuits and convictions for theft, shoplifting or fraud could harm the current employment status of the accused and jeopardize future opportunities.

One may be banned from other specific premises under the Trespass to Property Act or receive a notice requesting civil losses.

In more severe instances, theft could result in a jail sentence.

If you face any such charge, Ritter Harvey Law’s theft lawyers in Kitchener can guide you with the necessary next steps and represent you. In addition to valuable legal advice, we can also follow up with the police to clean up and restore the record of individuals proven not guilty.

Wrongly Accused of Theft?

Our criminal lawyers will guide you on the ideal legal recourse for theft, shoplifting and fraud.

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